Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Taking the Plunge

After three years of thinking about it, I've decided to finally take the plunge and start a blog. I'm not sure that I'll figure out what to write about. . . but time will tell!
The past three months have been filled with To Do List after To Do List to get the house in Ohio ready to go on the market. Now that I've finished with that, my beads finally got the attention that they've been screaming about!
Sparkle should have been my middle name, so the first thing that I designed has lots of crystal! Sparkling Elegance is my name for this necklace. It is so hard to get enough sparkle into the image! This one combines my two loves. . . wire knitting and off-loom beadweaving!

Speaking of names for pieces. . . that is always a challenge for me. I tend to just use some words to describe color or technique. I find it really difficult to come up with the clever names that I see so many artists apply to their pieces. I think a book of names like a book of baby names would be a great reference! Would someone out there think about writing one?

This concludes my first plunge. Check back again to see if I've taken another dip in the Blog Pool!